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120 W Scenic
120 W Scenic – circa 1848
Often described as the most significant antelbellum home in the Historic District, this coastal cottage of approximately 11,000 square feet presents a West Indies style that was once owned by Paul Mattox, the famed “Marlboro Man” in tobacco advertisements.  Major interior renovations have been made since 2001 after the former Blue Rose Restaurant was closed.
     Antique ale bottles were found at Binh Ly's Pass Christian Restaurant "The Blue Rose" in 1983.  While tilling the front yard, he struck chunks of glass.  He dug up 150 Scotch and English empty bottles of Ale.  After many calls and writing historic  foundations and national glass companies --- he found nothing.  Binh Ly wanted to know who put them there and why.  It was finally concluded that the bottles were used as ballasts for schooners coming from Europe.

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