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The Town Library operated from 1883 to 1998, first as a lending library and which grew to have more than 20,000 titles that included signed first editions -- Theodore Roosevelt, Eudora Welty, and many others.

The Town Library

     The "Town Library" was the first established library along the Coast between Mobile and New Orleans.  It was first opened by the "Ladies' of the Town Library Association on February 21, 1893.  The first president of the Association, Miss Isabelle Bowman Finley, promoted the beginning of the library by donating much of her own large library.  Initially she would bring her books and leave them at the sundries store operated by her Aunt Carrie, where people would borrow them.  Some of the ladies in the town would help out in keeping up with the books.  It grew and grew and there got to be enough business that they organized it into a subscription library in 1905 and the first officers were elected.
     The Library was initially supported by donations and a few bequests and fund raising "Tag Days", when young girls would sell the tags for 25 cents to the Tourists.  It was one of the last subscription libraries in the country.  A Subscription sold for $1.50 a year.
     The quaint cottage as built circa 1855, is located at 221 East Scenic Drive.  It was purchased in 1905 by the Library Association and later moved rearward approximately 30 feet.  Many folks pass by it not even knowing that it was still in operation until 1996 when the volunteer Librarian, Miss Catherine James, died.  This wonderful lady kept the doors open providing reading literature to citizens in "The Pass" as well as many tourists and locals from other parts of the Coast.  The Town Library preserved an atmosphere of hospitality famous to Mississippi, which was appreciated by visitors and newcomers alike.  Most of the books on the shelves have been donated over the years by local citizenry.
 The Town Library was deeded over to the PC Historical Society in 2003  -- many hours and many volunteers have been sifting through to find the treasures of significance.

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